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Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation PART 1

Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation Part 2


Pia Lindman thanks everyone who showed up at the Federal Hall in April; volunteers, speakers, film crew... you helped create a truly energizing event!  

41 speakers delivered speeches almost non-stop. We will post excerpts of these recordings here shortly.  

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this project by volunteering or otherwise, please contact Pia by email, piuska@mit.edu. If you want to contribute by writing to this blog click on the link for instructions to participate.

In Soapbox Event, Lindman pares down the structure of democracy to the elemental forms of free speech: human bodies, live voices, and space. This performance investigates the construction and breakdown of collective structures, and how they influence individual expression in democratic decision-making. The event highlights the relationship of embodied speech to the bare life of an individual, in the context of increasingly mediated communication.

- each participant will be given one soapbox
- with the soapbox, each participant is also given one minute of free speech
- participants may form coalitions
- the soapboxes of the members of a coalition can be stacked together to create a higher speech podium
- a representative of a coalition may speak as many minutes as there are stacked boxes (members in the coalition)
We will not be using microphones or any amplifiers. Obtaining greater height serves to elevate a speaker and have their voice project better into the space.

Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation Part 4

Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation Part 5

Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation, part 3

Soapbox Event/Federal Hall Documentation Part 6

Missile Dick Chicks on Soapboxes/Creative Time

About race, voting, and nature

Leeza Meksin on SPANDEX leggings

Poem about love



With fluent and fast communication tools available in a virtual world, are we contending too easily with this - almost automated - flow of data without any conception of how it is actually impacting the world? When communicating online, we are physically separated from the bodies we are communicating with. Does the lack of physical presence limit our ability to truly understand the concerns of other people and the effects of those concerns for each person? What does it mean to no longer have physical interaction while discussing pressing topics about our real lives with physical needs and consequences? Are we better off, or worse? When, for whatever circumstance, do we need to go out to the streets, with our actual bodies to effect change and how does a blog, such as this one, help further this process? Is it possible to bridge the discourse in the virtual world with actual change in policy and law? What needs to happen in both these worlds for democracy to become a fact?

I still have not seen the effects of societal change without seeing actual bodies participating in the process in ways other than words. How can we make effective use of the available tools today, to bring about participation and change, no matter where our bodies are?

If you have a response to any of these questions please participate by contributing to our blog posts. We have multiple topics listed below, but if you can't find a topic relevant to your thoughts please post them anyways.


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Soapbox Event/Creative Time and financial crisis

Soapbox Event/Creative Time Political Art in the Margins

Victor Sheely on Soapbox Event/Creative Time

First day of Democracy in America, The National Campaign at the Park Avenue Armory NYC

Soapbox Event opened again with Democracy in America, The National Campaign exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory, NYC this Sunday 09/21/08. We kept the boxes going from 11AM to 10PM!! 
This was an energizing day with many interested and interesting minds, works, and speeches coming together.  Thank you Nato Thompson, for this bold, much needed, smart, inspiring, and fun show!  Thanks to Creative Time for taking on this risky and bold endeavor.  Thanks also to all the enthused and helpful volunteers!  
Personal thanks to Soapbox Production Manager Janine Slaker and Speaker Agent Loren Allston, who stuck it out all day long.  You gave me strength.
At the bottom of this page I have uploaded recordings of the speeches: check out The Missile Dick Chicks video below for something hilariously burlesque and the unplugged off-the-cuff Victor Sheely.

You still have a chance to participate! Welcome to the Soapbox Event next Friday and Saturday (09/26 from 12 to 3PM and 09/27 from 3PM to 6PM) at Park Avenue Armory!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find more videos.
Please post comments and speeches, and check in again.
Pia Lindman

Protest against Soapbox rules!/Creative Time

Soapbox Event/Creative Time Documentation Part 6

Soapbox Event/Creative Time Documentation Part 3